Hemp – Going Back To Our Roots

Since the dawn of time mother nature has long provided natural material to enhance and nurture the building blocks of life.

One such wild plant – cannabis – grew freely and was so widely used that it’s part of the very DNA of humanity. Cannabis oil is once again reclaiming its rightful place as it emerges from the dark corridors and wrongful stigmatisation of society.

Cannabis has never changed. The only change was how humans chose to use it. Every product we sell is fully legal and is in compliance with the MHRA.gov

We sell Hemp extracts purely as food supplements. We follow strict guidelines and don’t make any claims about our products as we are not permitted to by law here in the UK. If you’re interested in CBD oil there is a wealth of information available online. We can only answer questions specific to the products themselves. Please consult your doctor or medical professional if you have any health related questions.