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Banisters Super Green LTD
An ethical company
Believe in nature

Our CBD 

Banisters Super Green pure crystalline CBD was born in the USA, in the Hemp growing capital of the world, Colorado. Our CBD has followed an exacting journey from seed to bottle, and is the purest product you will find anywhere in the UK.

About the team

We are passionate about CBD! Both Jonny and Jo, who run Banisters Super Green, are absolutely passionate about CBD and are best friends, and partners in life, as well as business. The six year journey in the world of CBD has never been more exciting. Jonny, company founder, said bringing Jo into the company has brought a wealth of skill and knowledge that is absolutely vital for growth, and to maintain our outstanding reputation with our ever- expanding customer base. We also have fantastic back room staff - its very much a family run business with an eye for exacting attention to detail. We are very proud that, this year, we have gone THC free (the psychoactive element that is associated with Cannabis). Its becoming a very much regulator- led industry, and here at Banisters we are fastidious about working to the exact law with the relevant authorities. As Banisters Super Green goes from strength to strength, we are committed to supplying the highest possible standards, and with the team we have in house, we can do that in a happy, beautiful working environment. 

We are proud to be completely THC free

We are here to help

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